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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear racists,

There was a recent incident in Maryland where two young, African American girls brutally and savagely assaulted a Caucasian ‘woman’. The initial response from some in the Caucasian community was this is a hate crime because the ‘woman’ is Caucasian. However, it goes a hell of a lot further than that! Here are some quotes of comments from LiveLeaks website about the attack:

“Even their women are out of control sub-human primates with a reactionary ape brain based on raw emotion. Someone should study them.”
“’Sub-human culture!! Pretty sad…’”
@Lost_Mind not so much “black society”/ it’s young, thug society. Look at the videos these people are raised on listen to their music.”
“All blacks are the same. Time for another lynching”
“Blacks are unforgiving, envious, with hate in there heart. All they need is to accept Jesus Christ and get born again, and allow the Holy Spirit cleanse there heart!”
“@Texasgene We don’t want them “born again” we want them gone!”

Ooooooookaaaaaay, this is gonna be a long post.

Racism, hate, prejudice, call it what you want…this is what I call it- IGNORANCE. Which is defined by Webster’s as a “lack of knowledge, education or awareness”.

First, I must say, I don’t understand racism. I never understood how people could hate each other because of the color of someone else’s skin. It sounds like the most childish thing I have ever heard. I can’t even sincerely call it childish, because children have no idea of how to be racist, unless they are TAUGHT. I’ll get to that in a minute. I know many people will say it goes further than the color of someone’s skin. What it boils down to is difference. We are all composed of bones, tissues, muscles, organs, skin, but we only differ in structure and color. What is there to hate about that? Why are people so afraid of difference? I don’t consider my physical self as different, but my beliefs, ideals, morals, and values are different. Is that what people are afraid of? Why can’t we each have our own without being hated? Why must a race be “pure”? Nothing in this universe is pure.

For the racists, who the hell are you to dictate who is pure, clean, unsanitary, and/or animal-like, to name a few? You are ignorant. That’s all. You have NO KNOWLEDEGE, NO EDUCATION, and YOU ARE UNAWARE. You have no, and I mean absolutely no idea, how other cultures live and the types of communities that are formed within. All you see is the negativity, which IS IN EVERY CULTURE. We can talk about the ghettoes, trailer parks, and all that. But they all have some negative element. The suburbs and rural areas have negative elements also.

Let me explain something to you, you are not better than a damn soul in this universe. You are not God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. Therefore, your judgment is shit to me and to most others. Your need to judge, means you need to be educated. And I’m not talking about reading a book. Immerse yourself in a culture, beside your own, and open your mind to something brand new. You’re a close-minded individual who allows the words, thoughts, values, morals and actions of your fellow haters to dictate who you are. Be your own man and do your research. After you have done your research and you still choose to hate, no one can say a damn thing to you, because you are now knowledgeable, aware and educated.

Racists are the most unoriginal mfer’s I care not read about. Are African Americans still really ape-like? Where did you LEARN this? Oh, by the way, apes are very intelligent creatures; however, I am not bothered because you compare African Americans to apes, but because, again you are unknowledgeable, unaware and uneducated. This is becoming a recurring theme, which is leading me to question YOUR intelligence. Apes protect what’s theirs. And who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you? If you answered yes, and you think are intelligent, you too are now ape-like! Grow up and cut the petty name calling. You want to name call, call it what it is. Don’t generalize your hatred on an entire culture for the actions of some. Cause I will tell you right now, I am NOT what you claim all African Americans are. Let me make an assumption, your excuse for me and the millions of other intelligent, successful, African Americans is we are/were lucky. We had a Caucasian individual take us under their wing out of the kindness of their heart. To hell with you on that! Whatever I have today came from my grandparent’s, parent’s, and my blood, sweat and tears. Again, you make unknowledgeable, unaware, and uneducated assumptions. *sighs*

Anyway, the above comments go on to identify African American’s as sub-human. Subhuman, is defined by Webster’s as, “less than human: as a : failing to attain the level (as of morality or intelligence) associated with normal human beings b : unsuitable to or unfit for human beings c : of or relating to a taxonomic group lower than that of humans ”. Human is defined Webster’s as, “1: of, relating to, or characteristic of humans; 2: consisting of humans; 3 a: having human form or attributes b : susceptible to or representative of the sympathies and frailties of human nature”.

There are levels of human characteristics, so how is human really defined? You know what, I truly don’t know. But I know it’s different for every person, otherwise I wouldn’t be discussing this right now. So being human or subhuman is relative. There is no absolute. So according to your definition of human, the actions of “my people” may be subhuman based on how YOU define human. Ok, fair enough. So based on my definition of human- compassion, caring, understanding, having upstanding values and morals, all that good stuff, you are completely subhuman. Wow, I got it that fast, because I educated myself, made myself knowledgeable, and made myself aware of how “your people” define human and subhuman. Just a little research.

Now, let’s talk about the videos and music. Come on, you guys always say the heavy metal didn’t make the Colombine boys kill; Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, they don’t cause people to kill. Music has nothing to do with it. If someone claims that was the cause of their actions, then they are mentally ill. But tell me what ‘our’ music says and what our videos show, that creates such a ‘subhuman’ culture? I don’t hear songs or see videos about murdering, raping, torturing, and committing other kinds of sinister acts in ‘our’ music. It’s just another excuse. You got nothing.

You talk about Christian behavior, my goodness, I don’t want to worship the God you worship. If your God tells you to hate, degrade, harm and kill, you can have him.

The crime I mentioned about is a hate crime, but a crime based on gender identity, not race. You jumped the gun again, I tell ya. You forgot to educate, become knowledgeable, and make yourself aware of the situation before you began to spew your hatred.

Your behavior and actions are learned just like every one else’s. It’s time to make up your own mind and realize you have wasted your life away hating, assaulting, raping, and possibly murdering people based on false pretenses. Who here really has the unforgiving, envious, hate filled heart?


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